Hannah | 21 | U.S. but wish I were in Canada or the U.K. Certifiable fangirl. Amanda Tapping is my favorite actress and personal role model/idol. My obsessions include: Sanctuary Stargate SG-1 Game of Thrones Warehouse 13 Doctor Who Leverage Rizzoli & Isles Parks and Recreation White Collar Bones NCIS Grey's Anatomy Lie to Me Chuck Psych Harry Freaking Potter. I try to make gifs and edits. Try.... Like my life, my skills are a work in progress. . . . . .

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I imagine you’re an extraordinary person in whatever timeline you happen to be.

- The Last Man / Continuum | Stargate (Atlantis) | s04e20 / movie

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It sucks for being a 158.

- Sanctuary Panel | Comic-Con, San Diego, 2009

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Track Name: just press play


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I honestly saw this as a way of George telling D&D to fuck themselves

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Places I’m not.

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theres a grief that cant be spoken

theres a pain goes on and on

empty chairs at empty tables

im not going to comic con

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Guess my top 10 OTPs (in no order)

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7 years ago today this book ruined me and it all started with this freaking dedication.

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Six selfies meme (from the last 5 years)

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I honestly won’t be offended if you don’t do it, fyi ;)

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FUN PRANK: take me to comic con

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