Hannah | 21 | U.S. but wish I were in Canada or the U.K. Certifiable fangirl. Amanda Tapping is my favorite actress and personal role model/idol. My obsessions include: Sanctuary Stargate SG-1 Game of Thrones Warehouse 13 Doctor Who Leverage Rizzoli & Isles Parks and Recreation White Collar Bones NCIS Grey's Anatomy Lie to Me Chuck Psych Harry Freaking Potter. I try to make gifs and edits. Try.... Like my life, my skills are a work in progress. . . . . .

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Working real hard today… Making a scale model of the skirt I need to make is totally what I get paid to do

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parks and recreation + text posts

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Ha I am watching Stargate and he said the thing! Your URL

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It feels like forever since I watched my namesake’s episode!! That scene is still one of my favorite Jack/Daniel scenes. Hmmm… I think I may need to do a Stargate rewatch soon…

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Actors/writers praising Sophie and Sansa

Kit Harington:

"I really like Sansa in the books. I have no objections to her at all. I think she’s misguided in a lot of ways, but she’s by no means in any way lesser than any of the other children. I think she does some brilliant things in the books."…

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if checking how people tagged your edits isn’t your favorite thing, you’re lying

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Me: Okay, it's 5am, so this episode will be the last episode for tonight.
Episode: *ends on cliff hanger*
Me: *deep, long sigh*
Me: Dammit *clicks next episode*

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Happy 43rd Birthday, Amy Meredith Poehler! (September 16, 1971)

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FOUR NEW THINGS AND A GIVEAWAY (go to www.shirtpunch.com for details).

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My lovely Anastasia crown creation.

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