Hannah | 21 | U.S. but wish I were in Canada or the U.K. Certifiable fangirl. Amanda Tapping is my favorite actress and personal role model/idol. My obsessions include: Sanctuary Stargate SG-1 Game of Thrones Warehouse 13 Doctor Who Leverage Rizzoli & Isles Parks and Recreation White Collar Bones NCIS Grey's Anatomy Lie to Me Chuck Psych Harry Freaking Potter. I try to make gifs and edits. Try.... Like my life, my skills are a work in progress. . . . . .

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Got some awesome stuff today, I am especially in love with my Hannibal prints by bisouette.tumblr.com

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Xena cosplay update: I’m falling apart!!!!

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A few pics showing the finished product!!! Is it Thursday yet!!!!

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Amanda Tapping’s ice bucket challenge! [x]

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harmonypond said: awesome!

Thank you!!! Not a very good picture but I’m pretty pleased with the end result. (I was ready to pull every one of my hairs out of my head last night, but things actually came together today!!!)

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Rough draft of my Xena costume for this weekend!! Almost done!!

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i was seriously considering printing out flyers and handing them out to random passers-by, but this is the next best thing. you should be watching chuck.

here’s a short summary: chuck bartowski, a stanford drop-out, accidentally downloads a government supercomputer called the intersect into his brain. the next day, a CIA and an NSA agent show up in his small town, and his life is changed forever. it’s only five seasons long, and i promise you it’s worth it. this is very important

and (as i’ve mentioned above) it’s on netflix. what are you waiting for? go. go now. drop everything and watch chuck.

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